Sunday, June 12, 2011

Somedays -- Things Can Be So Sad...

 Every once in a while, there are things that touch a person's heart more than others. A Sunday afternoon, in our Calgary S.E. neighborhood, was one of those days.
 With not a cloud in the sky, and a slight breeze in the air, an intoxicated fellow would stumble, trip, stagger, and fall, as he made his way along the residential street, falling against parked cars (ours included) -- really, a pitiful sight. This was one of the worst cases I've seen of drunkenness -- and I've seen many. (But this...wasn't the painful part.)
 In tow that day, was man's best friend. While a few residents watched, some dialing 911, this human individual, would tug, pull, push, and yell, at his dog on a leash -- one of the gentlest animals we have ever seen. This lasted longer than one's heart could bear. This large canine would do everything in it's power, to stay beside it's drunken master, taking the abuse it did. When this disgrace of mankind would lay out on the street, this dog would wait. When the dog was doing everything properly -- more than could be asked. This intoxicated fool blamed the dog for his drunken actions, the dog not following correctly, when it was the idiot on the other end of the leash. Only about six feet separated the two, as this abuse went on for what seemed like forever this afternoon. We could only wish, that the owner/master, could see -- and take a page out...on what a true friend really is. Hopefully this special, sweetheart of a dog, will see better days?
 Once the Police arrived, dealing with this fool laid out on the street -- the hound would show the officer friendship as well. It's too bad that man can't see the error of his ways. Because all of us watched this day, as a friend took abuse for another's actions. As happens so many times. Our hearts go out to all the victims of a failing society.
 What a sad day this was...

A Kick At The Can...

Welcome everyone, to my Blog.

An attempt is being made, to display my written and created projects to an audience, that is the world. The Bigfoot/Sasquatch book 'Witnessing Bigfoot', is now on the market. The second project, is a kids' picture book, that is the traveling wanderings of a friendly satellite, and what he may see on any given time, both day and night. Available by e-book.

The final two projects are highly controversial. One so much so, that I have left a warning at the start of a novel, that is now over 408,000 words. (It is about the coming of numbering the global community - the human race.) It gives the reader another option to the gauntlet we are all running through. The last project is controversial as well. It involves our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The book involves what would be his abduction in his day. That project is being structured.

I hope to have each of these books on the market (one way or the other) in 2017/2018. The kids' book, Clancy Your Neighboring Satellite, is presently on Amazon's Kindle Program and Smashwords.

Thanks once again for stopping by, and allowing me a little of your precious time...we all have a story to tell.