Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just An Exceptional Human Being...

There are I'm sure, many gifted individuals out on the world, that make a difference in the human experience. With my own eyes -- I watched such a person for years, this man caring for another. This would be his spouse -- his wife.

There are many such cases, a soul mate looking after their other half. It happens every second of every day. This relationship between a man and woman was somewhat different, as I'll explain:

First of all, this individual was a Mormon fellow that we played ball with for years. We have an Evangelical background. Let me tell you, that only once really, did he invite us into the Latter Day Saints fold. There was never a push in all those years. And we didn't engulf him in our beliefs. We will believe in the Gospel until the end. I don't like to use the word religion -- it seems like a dirty word these days. Things made up of terrorists, christian goody-goodies, and secular churches. Nuff said about smoke-and-mirrors religion. Some of the Devil's strongholds.

This man's wife, a nurse, would come down with the debilitating disease MS -- Multiple Sclerosis. It wouldn't be long along this channel, his girl stuck to a wheelchair, and her every need catered to. The man in her life would continue to play ball. He would continue on tournament runs with us. The Mormon fellow would come for food and drink (non-alcoholic/non-soft drink) refreshments. Now here's the kicker. When coming to the restaurants and odd bars we frequented, this caring individual would piggy-back his wife into the establishments and make sure she was extremely comfortable. (She was one of the gang). The woman, a sweetheart, would come to almost all his games and our outings, no matter the weather here in Alberta. I specifically remember her at the campfires the ball team had on out-of-town ventures. There she sat, in her metal chair that supported the woman's life, this special man watching over her with the utmost faith.  I even remember the swirling snow around her as she braved the cold. This guy was never embarrassed by her condition, as even others were. Not even carrying her every time into the eating joints -- very awkward for him. We even witnessed him, carrying her in, as a new husband would carry his bride across the threshold. Does it end there -- no. This couple went one step further for us.

In all my years of employment with The City Of Calgary (32)...the first seven were seasonal years. You expected lay-offs every Fall. It was in those years that my Mother's health was not a hundred percent, that health flailing over time, making the woman extremely fragile. We as a family, my German girl of 33 years (present), and what would be our three boys, would visit Grandma's numerous times, us traveling from Calgary to Princeton, BC -- even in the dead of night. This would become more difficult, as the family was growing over the years, the pint-sized Honda going south you could say. It wasn't holding up under its side of the deal. Nuff said about that.

So -- one day, a little shy about the possibility, my wife and I would meet up at the Mormon fellow's place, and ask of a friend. The fellow, his wife, and five children, one of them also (slightly) challenged in life, had a small/tiny motor home to their name. Let me tell you -- without no struggle at all -- this kind family would allow us to use their (pride and joy) on two separate occasions. Not only to visit my Mother -- but also to connect with the surroundings along the way, a mini-vacation thrown in. During those times, this special friend would take nothing for that use of his home-away-from-home. Oh...and I didn't mention -- their residence needed special considerations over the years because of his wife's situation -- special building projects because of her condition. That kind woman is no longer with us, that disease ending her life.

And what about the family of this man and woman. They would grow up over time -- proper in their approach in life, real role models in a society that has been devastated by silliness.

What else will I say? Only to thank each of them. It has been a privilege to know the family and all the help they have offered. Also, how they treated their mother/wife, and how a man sacrificed a huge part of his life to make sure that his piece-of-gold was taken care of. There was no whoring around by the man of this household, and all those other things that make the reality soap-opera go around.

The family has drifted away to new endeavors, moving north of town a few years ago. And as life moves on incredibly fast (yes, it seems faster as you get older) a person seems to sometimes see a friend less and less. This is a grivious evil for sure.

Thanks to a friend, and all he's done. And helping my eyes digest all they've seen over the years. And a heart that has witnessed such faithful things.

Thanks, Man...


A Kick At The Can...

Welcome everyone, to my Blog.

An attempt is being made, to display my written and created projects to an audience, that is the world. The Bigfoot/Sasquatch book 'Witnessing Bigfoot', is now on the market. The second project, is a kids' picture book, that is the traveling wanderings of a friendly satellite, and what he may see on any given time, both day and night. Available by e-book.

The final two projects are highly controversial. One so much so, that I have left a warning at the start of a novel, that is now over 408,000 words. (It is about the coming of numbering the global community - the human race.) It gives the reader another option to the gauntlet we are all running through. The last project is controversial as well. It involves our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The book involves what would be his abduction in his day. That project is being structured.

I hope to have each of these books on the market (one way or the other) in 2017/2018. The kids' book, Clancy Your Neighboring Satellite, is presently on Amazon's Kindle Program and Smashwords.

Thanks once again for stopping by, and allowing me a little of your precious time...we all have a story to tell.