Sunday, August 19, 2012

Devil's System -- Running On All Gears And Cylinders

This post is going to be plain and simple like the last.

I was going to talk about, the Western World without an actual justice system. I was also going to talk about, the corruption in government and business -- the sheer idolatry of Hollywood thrown in. After that, I was going to speak about gay men and women in the pulpit, and also gay marriage. I was going to highlight that with an article from another writer that spoke along this line. Governments won't force Churches to do same-sex marriages -- but lawyers will force those issues on regular pastorships in the near future. With the 'lawyer' word coming up, I was also going to write about the suit-and-tie defense lawyer who allows murdering fools to escape with a slap on the hand or a much reduced sentence. In with that, these lawyers also allow the drunk driver...murdering idiot to post bail, or escape with lighter jail time. I was also going to mention that every single government can not be trusted -- man's final step to stardom -- receiving his or her own personal 'mark' on his person in the years to come. I was going to write about what I found, and the direction the human disgrace (race) is headed. I was also going to talk about the sinister countries that will start the beginning of the end. I was also going to mention our direction of technology, this not saving man, but only heightening a disguise being put in place. I was also going to type-up, racism, discrimination -- and peace quickly being taken from the world. I was also going to address the Queen's new hat, while Rome burns -- our priorities and sincere caring going right out the Royal window. I was also going to write about capitalizing those words -- just to make the pageantry feel good. In hope, I was also planning to write about this generation, and their (many) heads being emptied out for the one to come in the name of religion. I was also going to add, that the word religion is a nasty word these days -- it really the Gospel. I was really going to write about the words between those pages (the Holy Book) -- being changed, manipulated, misunderstood, changed in context -- and twisted and turned even by those of Christianity. I was also going to write about (not getting me started) on the foolishness that is replacing the true Gospel. I was also going to mention, that God's hand is gradually being raised, allowing an unseen enemy through. And in the whole of everything -- I was going to write about man turning to 'self.' As for, banks, oil companies, business, and government pigs at a financial trough -- I was going to let that slide in penmanship -- mostly everyone knows the truth about them. I was also going to write about man turning a blind eye to almost all of it these days.

'Glen' -- stay and be quiet, you sinner! Look in the mirror first -- like little Michael said. I was also going to write about that.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Let Quebec Leave Canada -- Wish Them Well

Let's make this one short and sweet.

There's an endless amount of talk over the years, about Quebec threatening to leave Canada. We say, go ahead. But there is repercussions. And I think, Canada with any jewels, would make sure that their decision is upheld. This would include, no province payments from Ottawa, including handouts of any kind...(Canada, can you do that?) Quebec must find their own police enforcement agencies. Create your own military. Many other things, lawyers love to have a field-day with. But my special favorite, is getting French labeling off of Canadian products, either in-house, or coming from foreign lands. We've been held prisoners long enough. Getting rid of them would then allow a larger amount of products to hit Canadian shores. I've seen their stranglehold with my own eyes -- French-labeling.

Downside to such a thing -- Quebec defection. Them blocking the Saint Lawrence Seaway for starters (this would be Canada's version of the Straight of Hormuz -- the French and Iranians with the same mentality) -- I'm just sayin'.The poor francophones that want to go this crazy world with us. The Aboriginal/Indigenous groups that want to keep Canuck-ville whole.

So remember Canada -- no perks if the east-central Blue and White fly the coop. Be firm on this. Not something like our pathetic "injustice system."

Bottom line -- the United States or France would scoop them up. That way, they could fall right in with the rest of the countries going bankrupt.

I said that this was going to be short and sweet.

Some things never change. Maybe they will?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Devil's Worldly System...Working Just Fine

This was never to be written, as things mainly fall on deaf ears in this day and age. Little is ever done about anything, when it comes to world justice. There is always a lot of talk, and much investigation in things like murder cases. But seldom, is there justice handed out. And I'm not talking about things like seven consecutive life sentences, or the silliness played out in the world's kangaroo courtrooms. This I will only personally get off my chest, as things will never ultimately change. Defense lawyers and nose-in-the-air judges run many of these countries we call home. This article will focus mainly on Canada and the United States, although there is also a heartfelt mention of a distant land. Where does a person start, in something so sinister -- a lost world, where suits-and-ties think they can get their evil clients a better sentence -- those murderers receiving three meals a day, warmth, possible wages, use of computers, and other things that a corrupt system wishes to supply them with.

Let's get started. I will be blunt. The victims of these human animals are covered with cold dirt, and have no voice to speak for them. They are the ones that have received life sentences. Families and friends are the ones on a mental death-row, never forgetting what occurred to them or their loved ones. From a worldly standpoint, prim-and-proper law makers, polished-shoe lawyers, and candy-land judges, know little of the unbelievable and excruciating pain that victims suffer. The legal suits care little, as all they think about, is if their (paid-by-the-public) clients are sleeping and eating properly, or maybe getting the help they deserve -- mental instability issues always coming to the surface these days. Of course every one of them is a nut-bar. But I've always said -- that the most dangerous person in the world, is the smart lunatic. And believe me, they know how to play the authorities and the revolving door system. As I stated earlier, I will be blunt. Many will not understand the truth, what is needed to rid ourselves of much of the human scum that infests society. They need to be made extreme examples of to make others sit up and take notice -- what would happen to them. I'm talking about the killer and murderer receiving pain and suffering. I'm talking about a rope over a tree type prosecution, with the chair kicked out from under them, the public applauding. Well...not the tree-hugger of the human disgrace. But seriously -- these animalistic killers need to perish. The pain and suffering they produce for others is on a scale I can't comprehend. Man outside that crazed perimeter, knows little of what evil, victims have gone through.

And what about the fallacies of a failing society? Let's briefly enter that realm, this author picking out only a tinge of what is actually occurring to our fellow man. These stories have burdened our hearts. Sadly, there never will be real justice.

Starting with the subject of mass murders, we enter the state of insanity with what is known as the Tuscon, Arizona, shooter, of January, 2011. Among the 6 dead, and 13 injured, a lady politician was gunned down as well, shot in the head, surviving that ordeal. But what I want to say, is, that once you start to listen to the follow-up of such a gruesome crime, a person with a sound mind wants to throw-up. The defense lawyers begin to spin their webs, the spiders they are, bringing up a thing like the shooter's mental conditions, and that they may be stressed by the trial that is ensuing. The killer must also be put on suicide watch. Do the right thing -- give the human devil the rope he needs to hang himself. Done quick enough, this could save the U.S. Government hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs, vulturous lawyers, prison costs, and what is the dreaded payroll hearings, where other kangaroo court antics sit in wait for the future. What this system actually does, is secure jobs for themselves. I have seen them release murderers before, rewarding them with day passes. The victim gets nothing but human suffering, if they survive at all. They get a life of tears. Also on this ridiculous case, it is over a year from the time of the massacre, that a plea is seriously entered in the courtroom. How long does silliness take? Obviously not long enough. I asked an Alberta politician years ago, why we are not killing the killer. The answer this time around, was, that government may not find the person that would pull the switch, or give the lethal injection. (They meant this sarcastically.) Very well. I told him, that they hadn't looked far enough. The sickening crimes against humanity in this country (Canada) continues.

A story that seriously touched my heart being a member of a working unit for over 32 years, was the G4S killings in Edmonton, Alberta, 2012, leaving three armored truck guards dead, another clinging to life. A fellow employee, would shoot each of them in the head, and run with the root of all evil. Although I'm trying to think rationally -- couldn't an evil fool just put sedatives in their coffees, and just walk away with the loot? No -- he has to execute them. Another sad thing to this story, is the fact, that ultimately, his fellow workers died for absolutely nothing. The idiot would be caught at the Canadian/U.S. Border with over $300,000 -- his mother's license plate on his vehicle, including not having a passport on him. A person that stupid, deserves to die right off the bat. But our defense lawyers will make sure the animal receives a fair trial. And with Canada having no-where near a death penalty, the Edmonton shooter should have a rather secure life in prison. He will also have a voice in the future -- wanting to get out with good behavior. He also may have to put square blocks in square holes -- these types of things securing his freedom? His victims however, never see the light of another day. They have paid the price for society's stupidity. The killer gets to share with his family. I think he deserves a bullet by a firing squad, made up of armed jurors. And I don't want to hear the sniveling argument of people trying to keep such a devil alive. They haven't stared down the barrel of a crazed gunman lusting for money.

Among other insane stories of mass murder of innocent people, we come to the Aurora, Colorado, shooter, of 2012, this year the world supposedly ending? (Yea...whatever.) Right out of the starting gate, vulturous defense lawyers would push their wares -- their client showing signs of mental illness (in their eyes.) Supposedly, the (what would be the shooter) -- he was already seeing a university psychiatrist before the massacre which took 12 lives, and injured another 58, some seriously. Because of the atrocity, the authorities tag him with 24 counts of first-degree murder, doubling up the 12. People -- forget the numbers, your game-playing, and circus show that will be the court case. Place the defense lawyers in custody long enough, so that justice can be served -- the human devil put to sleep. I personally, would like to see him suffer, but who am I. I only think about the 70 victims of the theater. The real justice would come, when he falls into the hands of the true Judge -- the one that puts them away for an eternity. They will also see those same western world defense lawyers that failed to uphold the real laws that should be in place -- an eye for an eye. The killer needs to die for his crimes. Someone please put that rope over the tree limb. The world could be saved a lot of trouble and money, just eliminating the scum that feeds off the innocent.

Concerning the Colorado incident, a judge had ordered a gag law, stating, that key people at the university couldn't respond to public records requests concerning the shooter. Remember -- he was maybe seeing a shrink before his onslaught. (Poor baby.) I enjoyed hearing about his lawyers -- their poor client mentally ill and unstable. This is the same shooter that planned out every avenue of his attack on people of all ages. He also set up wired traps at his apartment for coming first responders. Explosives, incendiary devices, and chemicals, laid in wait. Remember -- a smart lunatic? Doesn't matter! Take the mass murderer around back of the theater, look him in the eye, and pull the trigger -- justice served. But no, society will play with this for months or years. Because that's what defense lawyers do. The revolving-door...injustice system continues.

For this next ridiculous story, we move off-shore. It involves the next human maniac -- the Norway shooter. This piece of work would kill 77, and injure 319, in 2011. He would act like an ass in court, and literally, tease and ridicule the process. Sadly -- he's right. This inhuman animal should have been executed on the island where he murdered many innocent youngsters. He also set a bomb off in Oslo, killing and maiming civilians. I would like to seriously know why his case is taking so long. He murdered and killed in July of 2011. His main trial began in April of 2012. The system around him likes to act tough, and show who's boss -- also defense lawyers trying to prove that he's a kook -- mentally psychotic. Of course he is. Once again -- doesn't matter. He should have been put down by a police sharp-shooter's bullet months ago. Sadly, the officer could be charged for murder. (Go figure.)

This fool in Norway, admitted to the attacks, but denies being guilty. He also planned every detail out -- the killer using hollow-point shells in some cases. He would also come back for some of the injured playing dead, trying to hide. He also had fake police badges and uniform. He also purchased what was needed for a major explosive device. People -- what is there to figure out here? The justice system doesn't have a clue. Why do they have to wait -- find out if it's 76, or maybe 77 lives he took. Publicly execute him off just one or two lives. Send him to the Maker. There is no defense lawyers where he'd go. But man doesn't do this. He cannot serve true justice in what is an evil world, with devils at the helm. They won't believe or admit it -- but it's blatantly true. Kill the killer. Execute the murderer. The authorities even wondered what to ultimately charge him with. Word is, they decided on terrorism charges. Again -- it doesn't matter. He should have been put down like a wild animal, months ago. But man won't do this -- because that would be inhuman and barbaric. Is it time to put the defense lawyers in the jails? They defraud the public of justice every day. It's sickening really!

Ending this here, because there are so many cases of this -- yes, more coming -- I wish to mention the following. It occurred right in our region, a peace officer killed, checking on an animal complaint. And the point I want to get across here, is that this officer was practically beaten to near death a number of miles from the city. Would would be the killer -- he would drive the dying peace officer into the city in the officer's SUV -- dumping the whole ball-of-wax off at a police station in Calgary. The officer would die soon after, beaten to a pulp. What I want people to think about, and really digest, is, can you imagine what that officer went through in the elapsed time it took from the time of being beaten and then escorted into town by the attacker. The agony of your life ending. Can defense lawyers even comprehend such things? They can never know the fear and pain. Your attacker right beside you, dropping you off amongst others. I watched footage of this killer being escorted back and forth concerning the murder a day earlier. He was mouthy and a real prick! Now -- if we had any politicians, lawyers, judges, law-makers, with any balls or a set of tits -- this individual would be quickly processed, then publicly executed, like a rabid dog. Just find out for sure, if these animals are guilty -- then put a gun to their temple...and simply pull the trigger. Problem is solved, and immediately dealt with. Ohh...but right -- we can't do such ghastly things in the 21st century. I'm just very sorry for the many more victims that are coming. I have to laugh at the likes of a President, who wonders why all these things are going on, and what can be done about them. The answer is simple, but they will never understand it. You must put the animal down. And not to pick on just one leader, but this is becoming universal in the world today -- allowing the killers to escape. Politicians turn an eye and ear. Defense lawyers and judges become rich off of nothing more than a charade. Justice and  the likes can never be served. It is seldom eye for an eye.

Good-night everyone...

A Kick At The Can...

Welcome everyone, to my Blog.

An attempt is being made, to display my written and created projects to an audience, that is the world. The Bigfoot/Sasquatch book 'Witnessing Bigfoot', is now on the market. The second project, is a kids' picture book, that is the traveling wanderings of a friendly satellite, and what he may see on any given time, both day and night. Available by e-book.

The final two projects are highly controversial. One so much so, that I have left a warning at the start of a novel, that is now over 408,000 words. (It is about the coming of numbering the global community - the human race.) It gives the reader another option to the gauntlet we are all running through. The last project is controversial as well. It involves our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The book involves what would be his abduction in his day. That project is being structured.

I hope to have each of these books on the market (one way or the other) in 2017/2018. The kids' book, Clancy Your Neighboring Satellite, is presently on Amazon's Kindle Program and Smashwords.

Thanks once again for stopping by, and allowing me a little of your precious time...we all have a story to tell.