Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Canada...A Crying Shame. (The G4S Story The Example:)

There are many things these days, that get under a person's skin. I'll get right to this -- my bamboo shoots under the fingernails irritation.

 This all involves the latest armored truck robbery situation in Edmonton, Alberta -- four fellow G4S guards gunned down by one of their own -- three shot to death, a fourth clinging to life. I find this absolutely sickening -- your own co-worker untrustworthy, a person a walking demon. With what looks like all four victims wearing bulletproof vests, each of them were shot in the head. And what makes this whole story even more sickening, is that there was no way in hell, that the killer was going to get across the American border. The idiot had no passport it seems, including using his own blue truck, and then trying to sneak across over 300 grand in cash. Those lives were literally lost for nothing. How sinister can something get! A fool like this, doesn't even think of loved ones -- children included. Also a newly married woman part of the target that day. Not one of them deserved to die like that.

 Now wishful thinking on my part, a person somewhat stable, the thing to do, was put sedatives in the coffees of the co-workers, and take the money and run, leaving them alive to live another day. Right -- this isn't about being rational, a madman born that early morning. I have already heard about the killer's mental instability issue coming to the surface, maybe trouble in his life. You know what folks -- I don't give a rat's ass about his feelings or anything else. Those are the things of dreamer defense-lawyers and sleepy-hollow judges. Ohh...the, "My client isn't sleeping properly, or my client isn't eating. Or can we bargain the sentence?" And I don't buy the mentally unsound status. A complete lunatic wouldn't have selected head-shots, filling the poor souls full of rounds instead. But he does have to be stupid -- no passport at the Line. Those poor poor souls died for nothing. And I did get a chance to read a 12 year old's letter to her Papa -- one of the guards that was gunned down, her Dad. It chokes a person up so bad, this killer should be publicly executed...and made an example of. A little too harsh for the bleeding heart, or human rights activist? I say, "Step aside." Canada has, for too long, been out of touch with the truth. Why is it, that we can put down an aggressive canine, that bites -- yet, we can't 'put to sleep' a heartless person that takes 'a bite out of society.' The killer gave up 'all' human rights when he stepped outside the boundary of sanity. He doesn't deserve to see the light of another day. A 'real' judge awaits on the other side, giving him a dark eternity of suffering. Then he will know 'crazy.'

 I will not say much about Canada's 'unjust system.' It will not change. Lawyers control this country. They would laugh. But that's fine -- there is a special place for them. I will focus on the victims. There will be many many more. They are the ones that have received 'a death sentence.' The authorities should be ashamed of themselves. Problem is -- they can no longer see past the financial troughs that they feed from. They have lost touch with reality, her still knocking at the door. Canada, as other countries, have become a disgrace to the public. When things are 'cut-and-dried' in a case, we need the 'death penalty' to send a maniac home. Sound inhuman? I think what is evil -- is the drunk driver killers escaping. And those that murder any avenue of society, young or old, male or female -- those killers are in the same boat of evil human beings. Shall I go on. Did you know, that working for the City Of Calgary, I have seen, on three separate occasions, motorists die on the street. One was beheaded, one was tossed out like a licorice, and one was embedded on the steering wheel. I feel no remorse, as I watched the 'guilty' parties die, each of them caught in their drinking/driving endeavors. Thank God, I have not seen the innocent die. And as they breathed their last -- I knew they would never hurt another human being. I think it is time, that politicians start to take the position of victims. They can never ever really feel the pain of victims. Can you just imagine what those G4S guards felt, as they quickly stared down the barrel of a gun held by a fellow worker, if they saw it? I can't talk about that any more, a person getting bloodied with anger.

 Canadian politicians, do the right thing. But you can't -- others in legal suits guiding you. You will give a killer of fellow employees something like 20/25 years. Well, at least it's better than what the drunk driving cement truck driver in Calgary got for his evil actions. (What was that...5 years?) A year...approximately for each life -- as he snuffed out a family of five, included in with that, three children. We have a paper/legal system. We have 'no' justice system. Not all in the public have a short memory. I recall many scenarios where this system has let the guilty escape. You fool only yourselves.

 Our prayers are with those that have lost loved ones and friends. They are the ones that have been given 'life sentences.' They can appeal nothing. Those behind bars can scream for release -- they are the ones with the rights. We care little about any of your tears. We care nothing for their families that actually back these losers.

 Government -- put the 'devils' down by any means necessary.

 The G4S story has burdened our hearts. (To be killed by one of your own.) How low can a human being go? Right -- these are devils/demons walking the earth. It's hard to comprehend. Suits of all kinds have helped them with their insanity.

 All there is these days is excuses. A lawless society has been born. Protect your loved ones as best you can. Tell them that you love them every single day. The next lunatic is just around the corner. And with Government help, they will ridicule you.

 How sinister can things get? We don't have to imagine anymore.

A Kick At The Can...

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