Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Changing World...A Very Changing World...

 There are many things on a person's mind. A few of these things, a person can no longer openly speak about...never mind putting them to print. (That includes things in plain English.) One of those things -- homosexuality! Nuff said!

 Writing, researching, and investigating things for my book projects (The Sasquatch -- and also Numbering The Human Race) -- I found some very interesting things, not relating so much to the writing itself. But because of my research, I would find information that is threatening our freedom of speech, as well, what we can write about, and also our actions monitored. And in my travels of investigation, there was even a lawyer that confessed -- that even if he didn't win cases like these in Canada's Courts...he could tie up an individual or group for so long, that things could be dragged out for years. (Exhausting your credibility as well your finances.) Concerning these sorts of things, I have already been contacted by more than one writer/speaker on this issue -- they are going thru the process at the moment. (I (we) were warned.)

 Proving this one step further, while pursuing my novel, which is over 307,000 words at the moment -- I would be told by both Publishers & Writers...that I had better take a serious look at reviewing the entire project. This due to others out on the world, that might consider the work offensive, racist, unpatriotic, among other things. (Folks -- it isn't about the truth anymore!) We (you) are limited to what you can say or do. Concerning my novel manuscript, I have just completed reviewing it from cover to cover...for the eighth time. When you now speak out, there are those watching. That fact again, was proven to me in writing, purely by accident, when one of my co-workers was reprimanded for his off-duty behavior. (All I can say, is that it was minor, really.) But through work, the paperwork was supplied by inside sources -- a copy put in my hands. It would seem, that our employer is in control of our lives 24-7? So much so -- I had to alter bits-and-pieces of the novel material, to keep the hounds from the door. (Just a precaution.) And folks -- I'm not kidding or exaggerating one bit. We are in some very uncertain times. I know for a fact, that if the novel makes the market, I will be placed on a special list. Up to this point, I do appreciate everyone that has educated me on these issues. Either purposely or by accident.

 Words of warning: If you want to seriously voice your true opinion on a subject...like homosexuality-against it? (And not possibly end up in court, or before some commission.) Write anonymously in print to your target selection, and also send it from another populated center.

 On these things I am dead serious!!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Monster Of British Columbia Gone...

 Clifford Robert Olson, the infamous killer of children and teens in British Columbia...has finally died. Although the victims' families will never forget -- our justice system, as well as all its cronies -- forgot about 'Justice' long ago. CRO should have been put to death the same year he did his inhuman acts. He knew the system very well -- playing it for years. But now dead from cancer, the cancerous monster he was -- he now knows who the real Judge is -- God. (The sentence will now be swift -- an 'eternity' of pain and suffering.) There will be no lawyers, or cross-examinations.

 These things said, the reason I would 'blog' this, was because of the sickening information that came to mind, also a little extra insanity thrown in. I would read (and knew) of Olson negotiating with Canada's RCMP...in the monster's effort to secure funding for his family -- something his wife should have waved in the bat of an eye. -That said, this becomes even crazier, when these things unfolded -- the killer willing to show the locations of the victims, at $10,000 for each one he would lead them to. And the following is why I 'blogged' this. That sick p___k cooperated with Law Enforcement -- giving them a 'freebie'...11 bodies for the price of 10. Shame, shame, on those (anyone) that would cater to this lunatic. There was too much time and resources wasted on this evil example of a human being. (I could barely say it.)

  I'll say it again: The MONSTER is dead...and Justice is 'now' being served. He now has the 'darkness' to deal with, and what roams around in that darkness. It isn't about money anymore...

A Kick At The Can...

Welcome everyone, to my Blog.

An attempt is being made, to display my written and created projects to an audience, that is the world. The Bigfoot/Sasquatch book 'Witnessing Bigfoot', is now on the market. The second project, is a kids' picture book, that is the traveling wanderings of a friendly satellite, and what he may see on any given time, both day and night. Available by e-book.

The final two projects are highly controversial. One so much so, that I have left a warning at the start of a novel, that is now over 408,000 words. (It is about the coming of numbering the global community - the human race.) It gives the reader another option to the gauntlet we are all running through. The last project is controversial as well. It involves our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The book involves what would be his abduction in his day. That project is being structured.

I hope to have each of these books on the market (one way or the other) in 2017/2018. The kids' book, Clancy Your Neighboring Satellite, is presently on Amazon's Kindle Program and Smashwords.

Thanks once again for stopping by, and allowing me a little of your precious time...we all have a story to tell.