Friday, August 17, 2012

Let Quebec Leave Canada -- Wish Them Well

Let's make this one short and sweet.

There's an endless amount of talk over the years, about Quebec threatening to leave Canada. We say, go ahead. But there is repercussions. And I think, Canada with any jewels, would make sure that their decision is upheld. This would include, no province payments from Ottawa, including handouts of any kind...(Canada, can you do that?) Quebec must find their own police enforcement agencies. Create your own military. Many other things, lawyers love to have a field-day with. But my special favorite, is getting French labeling off of Canadian products, either in-house, or coming from foreign lands. We've been held prisoners long enough. Getting rid of them would then allow a larger amount of products to hit Canadian shores. I've seen their stranglehold with my own eyes -- French-labeling.

Downside to such a thing -- Quebec defection. Them blocking the Saint Lawrence Seaway for starters (this would be Canada's version of the Straight of Hormuz -- the French and Iranians with the same mentality) -- I'm just sayin'.The poor francophones that want to go this crazy world with us. The Aboriginal/Indigenous groups that want to keep Canuck-ville whole.

So remember Canada -- no perks if the east-central Blue and White fly the coop. Be firm on this. Not something like our pathetic "injustice system."

Bottom line -- the United States or France would scoop them up. That way, they could fall right in with the rest of the countries going bankrupt.

I said that this was going to be short and sweet.

Some things never change. Maybe they will?

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